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About Miles and Miles Dog Training
Dan Miles is the head trainer of Miles and Miles Dog Training

After training hunting dogs with his father for years, Dan Miles decided to attend the Tom Rose School, furthering his education on dog training.

Working with world-class trainer Tom Rose, Dan learned everything from basic to advanced obedience. He also learned and worked personal protection, tracking and narcotic detection dogs.

 Dan’s experience and philosophy includes:

At Miles & Miles Dog Training, Dan specializes in small or private classes giving personal attention to each student.

He also works with problem dogs, often helping aggressive or very timid dogs.

Dan has worked with the Doberman Rescue Club helping to save dogs that otherwise would have been destroyed.

He also has competed in AKC obedience trials, earning CD titles on both his Boxer and Dalmatian.

Teaching dogs to retrieve is a specialty of Miles & Miles, as well as gun dog training. Dan has also attended a three-day Rick Smith seminar on hunting dog training
Miles & Miles is working more and more with local vets, hoping to make happy pets and happy pet owners.

In 1994, Dan trained dogs that were donated to handicapped persons
Dan’s quiet, low-keyed mannerisms and philosophy of “Show the dog what you want and show them again” makes for a comfortable training setting.

Dan Miles, head trainer of Miles and Miles Dog Training